About Performance Analysis

If you are going to develop and improve, then a true assessment of what is happening is essential. Coaches are faced with a huge number of factors to consider in the heat of the moment and this can affect the quality of their recall and subsequent decision-making process. Research suggests that on average a coach accurately recalls 30% of the key instances directly after a 90-minute game. Player recall can also be terrifyingly bad. Coaches often come across players who swear blind that they did something, only to be stunned into silence when proved otherwise. Coaches and players are therefore basing a portion of their decisions on poor information, which increases the likelihood of errors in judgements. Performance analysis provides objective and accurate information, allowing judgments and decisions to be based on facts.

Performance analysis provides important support for coaches. With an effective program in place, coaches are able to focus on the job of coaching, as opposed to spending valuable time pouring over footage and numbers to try to pick out patterns or relationships. The job of an analyst is to understand the needs of the coach and to provide a ‘short-cut’ for the coach to get the information that will help them produce their best.

Case Studies

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GB Wheelchair Rugby Team
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Loughborough University
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