About Performance Analysis

Performance analysis becomes most effective when supported and understood by all those involved in the coaching process.
who’s involved

The Analyst – works with the coach to determine relevant performance indicators, creates the tools to measure these indicators and highlights the key performance information. This supports the coach in developing accurate coaching plans and strategies, which the analyst can help communicate through presentations and reviews to individuals or teams.

The Coach - works with the information provided by the analyst and alongside the players to make informed coaching decisions, both for the individual player and the team.

The Player - benefits from visual feedback and target-based statistics to understand and improve performance.

The Team - moves forward tactically as access to information creates dynamic team processes and individual performance awareness.

Case Studies

Sale Rugby Club
Sale came to us without any performance analysis experience, but were looking to develop a ...

GB Wheelchair Rugby Team
The Great Britain wheelchair rugby team came to us with the focus of winning a gold medal ...

Loughborough University
Loughborough were looking to implement a performance analysis suite to provide sports ...

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