About Performance Analysis

Performance analysis is a technical process that should fit comfortably within the coaching environment and be effectively integrated into the coaching process. If performance analysis is to be successful, the analysis process needs to support and compliment the coaching style and techniques of the coaching staff.

Performance analysis provides video footage and numerical data, broken down into pre-determined, performance-specific areas. These areas can be team based, group based or individually based, depending on the desired outcomes.

The video footage is an incredibly influential learning tool for players and coaches. Video can convey complicated messages in a simple and easy to digest manner that can be extremely effective in highlighting tactical or technical points, or providing examples of particularly complex coaching points. It is the combination of strength and simplicity, that makes video an ideal focal point for team reflections and performance review sessions.
Performance analysis can also be used to produce statistical data. Although statistics may concern many coaches, it is invaluable when comparing performance. This is vital for tracking progress over time, or comparing yourself to opposition performers.

Case Studies

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