Out of Play will help design a Performance Analysis solution to suit your individual coaching and budgetary requirements. This could be anything from a one-off video and feedback analysis to providing a performance analysis suite and fully supported analysis programme, using full time analysts to work closely with coaches and providing performance analysis and “real time” game analysis.

Examples of potential analysis solutions

A first taste of performance analysis: A team or individual performance can be filmed and a copy sent to us. The raw material would then be coded to a set of pre-determined key performance indicators that would be agreed with the coach. The examples would be available to watch over the internet within a pre-specified time (usually 24-48 hours).

Fully integrating analysis into the coaching process: An analyst would be available to film the performance. They would work directly with the coach to develop a coding system to identify variable coaching points. The analyst would codes each performance, reviewing it in tandem with the coach to develop team or individual reflection topics. The analyst would then put together a reflection session which they would present to the team or individual.

A comprehensive analysis solution, improving performance from a number of key perspectives: In addition to analysing performance as described above, the analyst would code each perform ‘real-time’ game analysis, optimising and influencing performance as it happens. A detailed analysis and breakdown of the forthcoming opposition could be provided, integrating the conclusions into training sessions. The analyst could perform a series of trend analyses, designed to look at patterns of play over time and highlight previously ‘invisible’ information.

Case Studies

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Loughborough University
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