About Performance Analysis

Performance analysis enables you to gain a comprehensive understanding of what occurs during performance, and convey clear coaching messages using effective communication tools such as video footage and numerical data. Coaches are able to review the performance with teams, tactical groups, or individuals, depending on what they are looking to achieve.

Once you have an accurate assessment of your own performance, a clear goal-setting structure is much easier to plan, which helps provide tangible performance gains.
Using performance analysis in a planned systematic fashion makes performance developments over time easier to measure. This is key for tracking team or individual progress over a given time period.

In-game analysis is ‘real-time’ analysis that provides the ability to react and influence team and individuals during performance and gives the opportunity to affect the outcome before it has been settled.

As well as analysing your own performance, it can be beneficial to analyse opposition teams or individuals. This process informs tactical decisions on opposition strengths and weaknesses, enabling a more informed decision process when formulating an effective game plan.

Case Studies

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