About Performance Analysis

Performance analysis is essential to a player’s development. To be able to scrutinise your own performance gives focus on moving your game forward. From a team perspective, it is key to track progress from game to game and to provide for informed decisions on how to take on your next opponents.

Performance analysis is an area of sports science that has rapidly developed in the modern era of ‘high-performance sport’. It is about creating precise and reliable information using systematic observations that are used to facilitate change. Recording and measuring pre-determined aspects of team or individual performance informs the coaching process through the provision of video and numerical feedback and provides an accurate assessment of what is actually happening in the heat of the moment.

Leading coaches recognise that providing athletes with accurate feedback is a vital factor in improving performance. Out of Play’s analysts work closely with coaches, players and members of the sports science support team to help develop a detailed breakdown and understanding of their performance. When this information is used as part of a long-term strategic coaching plan, it provides significant assistance to coaches and performers.

Out of Play provides performance analysis solutions to professional and elite level teams, clubs & governing bodies. Our experience with national teams and premiership clubs enables us to design and develop bespoke tactical and technical performance analysis solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of coaches and the coaching environment. We have worked extensively with national teams and premiership clubs across a variety of sports, including football, rugby, hockey, netball, wheelchair rugby, cricket, badminton, equestrian, tennis & golf. Our belief is that all sports can benefit from performance analysis.

Case Studies

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